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Use our AI to make faster hiring decisions by eliminating unconscious bias, picking the best person and keeping everyone "in the know" along the way.

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Remove Bias

Hire the right person for what they do, not who they are. Prevent legal issues and disputes, and prevent headaches.

Speed Up Hiring

LevelHires AI helps to segment, adjust and assist you, saving you hours, if not days, finding the right person.

Communication Pro

Keep everyone "in the know", from the ownership, to managers, to the applicants themselves.

Audited Process

Receive a full report of the hiring process, from beginning to end, for compliance and legal requirements.


No need to look for a consultant or hire a firm for your next job. No contract. Use LevelHires one month, or all year long.

Simple Integrations

Easily integrates to Indeed, LinkedIn and more. Applicants can easily apply and upload their resume or CVS within minutes.

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Make the best hiring choices, mixing speed with smart decisions

Use LevelHires AI to speed up the process

Imagine taking 60 days or 90 days of a hiring process down to 20 (or less). Find the right candidates, sooner, and with less effort.

Remove unconscious bias from decisions

Make better hiring decisions, exclusively on skill and experience. Easily remove possible legal disagreements and issues with LevelHires' bias removal tools.

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Integration To See The Most Candidates

Use LevelHires to integrate with various APIs (and your own website) to find the best candidates

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Not every position is the same, but LevelHires has helped many people find their perfect applicants

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